Doctor of Pharmacy with a master’s degree in management and pharmaceutical marketing, Judith Greciet spent some fifteen years working her way up through subsidiaries of international pharmaceutical companies. She has held major managerial positions with increasing operational and strategic responsibilities from leading sales teams, heading marketing and strategy departments (Pharmacia, Zeneca, LFB, Wyeth France (now Pfizer)) until she finally became President of the French subsidiary of the Japanese laboratory Eisai in June 2007. Throughout her career, Judith Greciet has cultivated a keen awareness of the marketing and business environment of drugs, in France in particular and more broadly in Europe, as well as confronting market access issues, particularly in the areas of oncology and immunology with innovative products such as Enbrel (rheumatology).

Appointed Chief Executive Officer of Onxeo in 2011 (BioAlliance Pharma until 2014), Judith Greciet pursued development of the company by remoulding the strategy towards new growth-areas such as oncology.

Her mandate was renewed for 3 years at the annual shareholders’ general meeting of 2017.