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platON™ is our proprietary chemistry platform based on a library of decoy oligonucleotides which generates disruptive compounds acting on intracellular DNA-binding targets.

A powerful and versatile platform,  platON™ uses three components, a sequence of double strand oligonucleotides, a linker and - when appropriate - a cellular uptake facilitator. Each of these three components is modifiable to generate various compounds expressing different properties and/or activities, with the common feature of targeting tumor DNA repair pathways through a decoy mechanism with an agonist effect.


platON™ has already generated two very innovative molecules.

  • AsiDNA™ is a first-in-class DDR inhibitor, currently in clinical trials, with potential in multiple therapeutic applications, alone and in combination with DNA-damaging treatments as well as targeted therapies. Unlike inhibitors of a single DDR pathway or protein such as PARP inhibitors, AsiDNA™ acts as an agonist, upstream of multiple pathways, to divert DNA repair proteins from their true targets without inducing resistance.
  • OX401 is the newest addition in the pipeline, currently undergoing preclinical proof of concept studies, alone and in combination with checkpoint inhibitors. At the crossroads of DNA damage response and immunotherapy, OX401 is designed to be a next-generation PARP inhibitor that does not induce resistance but triggers a strong immune response through the activation of the STING pathway.

platON ™ will continue to provide Onxeo with opportunities to broaden its development pipeline with new drug candidates.