Onxeo consolidates its industrial property with a US patent protecting Validive® until 2029

Onxeo S.A. (Euronext Paris, NASDAQ Copenhagen: ONXEO), an innovative company specializing in the development of orphan oncology drugs, today announced the allowance by the US Patent and Trademark  Office (USPTO) of a patent covering its product Validive® until September 2029. Validive® is based on Onxeo’s mucoadhesive technology Lauriad® and has obtained positive Phase II results last year in the prevention of severe oral mucositis in patients treated for head and neck cancer. This allowed US patent claims a new use of clonidine, the active principle of Validive®, in the treatment of oral mucositis. Moreover, this treatment with clonidine formulated in Onxeo’s mucoadhesive technology Lauriad® is also covered by the patent.

After significant countries in Asia, this allowance from the USPTO strengthens significantly the patent protection of Validive® and its value. Oral mucositis is a radio/chemotherapy related condition occurring very frequently in patients undergoing head and neck cancer treatment. With no curative or preventive treatment currently, oral mucositis represents a serious unmet medical need for the patients.
The incidence of head and neck cancer in the US is estimated to expand from 55,000 cases in 2015 to 68,000 in 2029, an attractive market of about $ 350-400 million.

“The new US patent protection is a key strength reinforcing the product’s potential, while also reflecting and acknowledging the innovation represented by Validive®, a product formulated with our Lauriad® mucoadhesive technology”, comments Judith Greciet, CEO of Onxeo.

150618EN_Validive Patent