Onxeo reçoit une notification d'intention de délivrance par l’OEB d’un nouveau brevet protégeant l’association d’AsiDNA™ avec tout inhibiteur de PARP

Combination patent to be granted in Europe until 2036


Paris (France), December 18, 2018 – 8.30 pm CET – Onxeo S.A. (Euronext Paris, NASDAQ Copenhagen: ONXEO), a clinical-stage biotechnology company specializing in the development of innovative drugs in oncology targeting tumor DNA Damage Response (DDR) to fight resistant cancers, today announced having been notified by the European Patent Office (EPO) of its intent to grant the Company a new patent (EP3325623) covering the combination of AsiDNA™, Onxeo’s first-in-class agonist of the DNA Damage Response (DDR) , with any PARP inhibitor (PARPi), in all countries of the European Union (EU).

This new patent protects the intellectual property of Onxeo relating to combined preparations comprising conjugated nucleic acid molecules, including its lead product candidate AsiDNA™ and a PARP inhibitor, as well as the use of the combined preparations for the treatment of cancer. Under the patent, AsiDNA™ and the PARP inhibitor may be present in one combined dosage form, or as part of separate dosage forms for sequential administration of the respective drugs. This European patent has a term expiring in mid-2036.

Onxeo has conducted extensive preclinical studies of AsiDNA™ in combination with various PARPi. These studies show that the combination has a strong synergistic anti-tumor activity in solid tumors, regardless of the genetic mutation status of the tumor. This synergy appears to be a class effect with all PARPi.  Combination with AsiDNA™ could therefore represent an opportunity to expand PARPi indications to HR proficient tumors, which account for approximately 70% of tumors.

“This patent covering the combination of AsiDNA™ with any PARP inhibitor further reinforces our extensive patent portfolio, which is a key component of the value of AsiDNA™. Our strong intellectual property position is an integral part of the Company’s business model, which aims to progress disruptive compounds up to the most valuable clinical inflexion points and then to partner or license them,” said Judith Greciet, Chief Executive Officer of Onxeo.