AsiDNA™ Letter – No. 1

Ladies, Gentlemen and Shareholders,

The clinical development of AsiDNA™ is well on its way and we would like to inform you regularly about the progress being made through a Letter dedicated to this first-in-class candidate. In this first issue, we go back to the fundamentals of the DNA Damage Response (DDR) therapeutic approach in oncology, which consists of fighting cancer by preventing it from repairing its DNA, and for which PARP inhibitors are the most advanced representatives.

The mechanism of action of AsiDNA™ is particularly innovative and offers unprecedented biological properties which we recall here, and that are highly sought after in a booming field in terms of scientific, financial and strategic agreements.

In our upcoming issues, we will cover, in detail, the indications and combinations, which we plan to assess very soon in new clinical studies with AsiDNA™.

We hope you enjoy this summertime read and look forward to sharing with you the next AsiDNA™ Letter in a few weeks’ time.

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