Founded in 1997, and listed on Euronext Paris since 2005 and on Nasdaq Copenhagen in 2014, Onxeo designs, develops and brings to market innovative drugs for the treat­ment of cancer and its associated pathologies, more specifically for severe and rare orphan-status diseases.

Onxeo focuses its therapeutic strategy on fighting drug resistance which poses ever-greater challenges to treatment, further more so in orphan cancers. To do so, the Company uses innovative and patented technologies to develop tumor DNA-targeting drugs that enable targeted action on the ability of tumor cells to repair their damaged DNA, or their ability to resist to other anti-cancer treatments .

Onxeo has chosen to focus on orphan diseases which enables a targeted, synergistic and streamlined approach to developing these drugs, both in terms of development costs and time.

Onxeo’s most valuable asset is its employees who have built a unique expertise in developing and registering drugs.

The Company has successfully led two products to registration, including with the US (FDA) and European (EMA) authorities, sold or licensed four drugs and successfully executed one international merger (Topotarget, Denmark in 2014) and one acquisition (DNA Therapeutics in 2016).

Its key expertises in preclinical and cli­nical development, regulatory affairs, as well as industrial property and business development, are major assets for Onxeo which aims to become a leading player in the field of orphan diseases in oncology by linking innovation to patient’s needs.


Today’s Science. Tomorrow’s Cancer treatments.

Our growth strategy is driven by the development of highly innovative products in oncology which aim to answer established and unaddressed therapeutic needs in rare or resistant cancers.

Even though some of our compounds could be used in large oncology indications, we focus on products with at least one potential orphan application and long and solid IP protection as these products with high sales potential benefit from favorable pricing and reimbursement policies and accelerated registration pathways.

We seek to transform scientific opportunities into clinical breakthrough treatments through unparalleled translational expertise, developing products up to the stage where they become compelling opportunities for partners. This means moving products from preclinical stage (1 to 2 years from IND) to optimal inflexion points (usually Phase II clinical proof-of-concept). Once this proof of concept is established, we seek to license these products to pharmaceutical partners, who have the capacity to conduct the registration phases and to market them.

Our added value rests on 3 solid assets:

- A leading-edge scientific expertise in early and breakthrough research fields such as DNA-targeting ;

- Translational research capabilities (bringing a product from the preclinical stage to the proof-of-concept in man) ;

- Our ability to both identify potential targets (already 2 successful mergers / acquisitions) in order to feed our pipeline, and to conclude licensing or partnership agreements (already 4 products  sold or licensed to partners).

Onxeo’s products are:

AsiDNA™: a first-in-class, highly differentiated DNA Damage Response (DDR) inhibitor based on a unique decoy & agonist mechanism acting upstream of multiple DDR pathways. We are now exploring the potential of AsiDNA™ via systemic administration in a phase I study (DRIIV-1). Results of DRIIV-1 are expected in the first half of 2019.

platON™: la plateforme brevetée d’oligonucléotides leurres de la Société, dédiée à la génération de nouveaux composés innovants destinés à enrichir le portefeuille de produits d’Onxeo. Un nouveau produit devrait entrer en préclinique en 2019.

Beleodaq® (belinostat): an HDAC inhibitor, already registered and sold in the U.S. in relapsed or refractory peripheral T-cell lymphoma (PTCL).

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