Executive Committee

The Executive Committee prepares the Company’s strategy, its major
policies and growth scenarios. It takes all decisions pertaining to strategy,
defines priorities and allocate resources, in relations with the Company Board
of Directors. It reviews and validates development plans and oversees their
implementation. It reviews all strategic decisions impacting projects and
timelines, and validates all strategic and/or financial decisions based on
recommendations of the operational teams, with a specific focus on critical
issues and risks.  It also defines the  Company’s HR policy.

Judith GRECIET, Chief Executive Officer

• Philippe MAITRE, Executive VP Onxeo US Inc. -  Business Development

Nicolas FELLMANN, Chief Financial Officer

• Françoise BONO, Chief Scientific Officer

• Olivier DE BEAUMONT, Chief Medical Officer

Audrey LEGENTIL-DUMERY, Director of Human Resources

Last updated May 31, 2018