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Created in 1997 and listed on the Euronext stock market in Paris in 2005, BioAlliance Pharma designs, develops and brings to market innovative drugs for the treat­ment of cancer and its associated pathologies, more specifically for severe and rare orphan-status diseases.

BioAlliance Pharma focuses its therapeutic strategy on fighting drug resistance which poses ever-greater challenges to treatment. To do so, the Company uses innovative and patented technologies to develop drugs that enable targeted action on organs, cells and cell receptors in order to reduce resistance and/or intolerance.

BioAlliance Pharma has chosen to focus on orphan diseases which enables a targeted, synergistic and streamlined approach to developing these drugs, both in terms of development costs and time.

BioAlliance Pharma’s most valuable asset is its people and with its 55 employees it has built a unique expertise in developing and registering drugs in France. Over the last fifteen years, the Company has successfully led two programmes to registration, including with the US (FDA) and European (EMA) authorities.

Its key expertises in preclinical and cli­nical development, regulatory affairs, as well as industrial property and business development, are major assets for BioAlliance Pharma which aims to become a leading player in the field of orphan diseases in oncology by linking innovation to patient’s needs.


The Company’s growth strategy is based in particular on the development of its “Orphan Oncology Products” portfolio – highly innovative breakthrough products for orphan diseases in oncology. These products meet strong and unsatisfied therapeutic needs, targeting a relatively limited patient population. They benefit from more favourable price and reimbursement policies than traditional medicines and are therefore drivers of growth with very high sales potential.

Three drugs in the Orphan Oncology Products portfolio - Livatag®, Validive® and Amep® – are in clinical develop­ment stage (phase I to phase III) and represent major therapeutic advances in their field.

BioAlliance Pharma has also developed so-called “Specialty Products” based on the Lauriad® muco-adhe­sive technology, which can improve the efficacy or tolerance profile of the active ingredient established in the indication selected. The Company has thus developed and registered in Europe and the United States a first drug – Loramyc®/Oravig®, for the treatment of oropharyngeal candidiasis. A second drug, Sitavig®, indicated for recurrent orofacial herpes, is registered in the United States and in 8 European countries and is currently being registered in the rest of Europe. Dedicated to obtaining license agreements, these Specialty Products provide mainly short-term revenues in the form of upfront and milestone payments which ensures partially funding for the development of other programs.

These two synergistic product portfolios enable independent management of the Company’s advanced projects, balanced growth and the distribution of risk.

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