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AsiDNA™ Letter – No. 2

AsiDNA™ Letter – No. 2 Role of AsiDNA™ in the new combination strategies Ladies, Gentlemen and shareholders The complexity and diversity of cancers require multiple therapeutic approaches. The combination of several anti-cancer agents has become the norm in oncology, especially to treat the very aggressive or resistant cancers. Thanks to its original anti-tumor activity and its good tolerance already clinically demonstrated, AsiDNA™ is…read more →

Abstract – Journal of Clinical Oncology

Moving From Poly (ADP-Ribose) Polymerase Inhibition to Targeting DNA Repair and DNA Damage Response in Cancer Therapy A reference paper on new approaches in the field of DDR, including AsiDNA™, and their interest in combination treatments Link to the article:

Posters – AACR 2019

Molecular analysis of the mechanism of action of AsiDNA™ brings new clues on DNA damage response regulation AsiDNA™, a novel DNA repair inhibitor to radio-sensitize aggressive medulloblastoma subtypes AsiDNA™ abrogates acquired resistance to PARP inhibitors Development of a Biomarker-driven patient selection strategy for AsiDNA™ treatment

Posters – AACR 2018

AsiDNATM and HDAC inhibitors: A cross-potentiation team work to kill tumor cells Evolution of tumor cells under Dbait (AsiDNA) treatment results in “autosensitization”

Poster – AACR 2017

AsiDNATM induces tumor sensitivity to PARP inhibitors in homologous recombination proficient breast cancer

Results of DRIIM phase 1 study – British Journal of Cancer, 2016

2016 DRIIM study: First-in-human phase I study of the DNA-repair inhibitor DT01 in combination with radiotherapy in patients with skin metastases from melanoma   Abstract Background: DT01 is a DNA-repair inhibitor preventing recruitment of DNA-repair enzymes at damage sites. Safety, pharmacokinetics and preliminary efficacy through intratumoural and peritumoural injections of DT01 were evaluated in combination with radiotherapy in a first-in-human…read more →

Poster – ASCO 2015

First-in-human phase I study of the DNA repair inhibitor DT01 in combination with radiotherapy in patients with skin metastases from melanoma

Poster – AACR 2013

Preclinical study of Dbait, an inhibitor of three DNA repair pathways, in breast cancer treatment