« Oncology: key issues for the future » Success of the first BioAlliance Pharma’s symposium

BioAlliance Pharma SA (Euronext Paris – BIO), a Company dedicated to specialty and orphan pharma products in oncology and supportive care, has successfully held its first symposium today at its headquarter in Paris, with about 50 shareholders, fund managers, analysts and media representatives.
The presentations of this half-day symposium were focused on several key issues of oncology:
- Bertrand Vergely, a Philosopher and Theologian, has proposed a philosophical point of view on care and taking care about one’s fellow human beings as fundamentals of our societies.
- Dr Jean-Pierre Armand, an internationally known Oncologist, has presented the major aspects of cancerology, the available treatments and the future research topics.
- Pr. Philippe Merle, Professor in Hepatology (La Croix Rousse Hospital, Lyon, France) and principal investigator of the Livatag® phase III clinical trial to come, has explained the epidemiology of the primary liver cancer and the different treatments available today. He has also presented the development program of Livatag® (doxorubicine transdrug™) in this indication.
Pr. Michael Henke, Professor in Radiotherapy (Universitätsklinikum Freiburg, Germany), has shared with the audience his experience and expertise in oral mucositis, a particularly invalidating alteration of the oral mucosa, induced by radio and –chemotherapy cancer treatments.
« We were delighted to gather leader experts in oncology to share their experience as clinicians and researchers with our main shareholders, fund managers, analysts and media representatives in a didactic half-day symposium », stated Judith Greciet, General Manager of BioAlliance Pharma.
“This half-day was focused on our orphan product portfolio in oncology of which its advanced key assets, notably Livatag® and clonidine Lauriad™, represent strong growth leverages for the Company.
It was also an opportunity to share our enthusiasm for these projects which meet important medical needs. I hope this meeting has enabled everyone to better understand the key issues of cancer research and hence of the treatments we are developing”, added Judith Greciet.