BioAlliance Pharma presents efficacy and safety preclinical results for its AMEP™ anti-invasive biotherapy at the ESGCT Annual Congress in Hannover, November 21 to 25, 2009

BioAlliance Pharma SA (Euronext Paris – BIO), a company
dedicated to the treatment and supportive care of cancer and AIDS patients, has presented
preclinical results on its new biotherapy, AMEP™ for advanced and metastatic melanoma at
the ESGCT (European Society of Gene and Cell Therapy) in Hannover (November 21 to 25,
BioAlliance Pharma develops an innovative biotherapy, AMEP™, for the treatment of
advanced and metastatic melanomas. This new therapy displays an original mechanism of
action by targeting specific receptors involved in the tumour growth and in the tumour
The data presented at the ESGCT Conference demonstrate that AMEPTM administration in a
human melanoma xenograft model dramatically reduced both tumour growth and tumour
angiogenesis, leading to complete regression of the tumour. Amep™ efficacy is significantly
superior to that of temozolomide, the standard chemotherapy used in metastatic melanoma
Regulatory preclinical toxicological studies show that four repeated administrations of
AMEP™ at 7-day interval were safe and well tolerated.
Advanced and metastatic melanoma is a late stage skin cancer refractory to most
treatments. Thus, there is an unmet medical need for new treatments.