BioAlliance Pharma announces new opportunities for its Patented Lauriad™ mucoadhesive technology

New collaborative programs

BioAlliance Pharma SA (Euronext Paris-BIO), a company
dedicated to the supportive care and treatment of cancer patients, announces the award of a
grant from the ANR (the French state Research National Agency) and a label award from
both “Clusters of excellence”, Medicen Paris Region and Atlanpole, for two new applications
of its mucoadhesive Lauriad™ technology. These projects are dedicated to the development
of new biological products based on the Lauriad™ technology allowing mucous penetration
of a biologically active compound.
A first funding from the ANR is allocated to the development of a Lauriad™ mucoadhesive
tablet containing a siRNA (small interfering RNA targeting the androgen receptors) intended
for the treatment of castration-resistant prostate cancer. This program is managed in
partnership with SeleXel, the company developing this biological molecule. This proof of
concept should be extended to other similar molecules.
Medicen Paris Region and Atlanpole have also just granted another label to “Fluriad”,
another program involving several academic centers (Paris XI and Lyon 1 Universities, Nice
University Hospital) and industrial partners (Sogeval, a veterinary drug company and
Gredeco, developing mucous penetration models).The consortium, led by BioAlliance, is at
designing vaccines administered by mucosal route, using the innovative properties of the
mucoadhesive Lauriad™ technology. These label awards from “Clusters of excellence” are a
first step toward new opportunities for public grants, allocated to small and mid-sized
“These new collaborations involving our Lauriad™ mucoadhesive delivery system are
essentially based on the achievements and clinical experience from our two first innovative
products (Loramyc®, registered in Europe and in the United-States, and Sitavir™, registration
dossier to be filed). This new mucosal route has been validated by the European and US
Agencies and opens new opportunities for the mucosal administration of complex biological
products”, stated Dominique Costantini, Chief Executive Officer of BioAlliance Pharma.

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